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Just a warning: this stuff is kind of scary. What an unscrupulous hacker can do is frightening. This is what we are all up against.
  • This Is How Easy It Is To Get Hacked | VICE on HBO

  • Ransomware - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You (49 min)

  • TedX: Top hacker shows us how it's done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

  • Real Future: What Happens When - Trimmed

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Networking is how computing devices communicate.   Networking allows you to pool computing assets while sharing resources like printers, hard drives, internet connections, scanners and external storage.   It can be wired or wireless with wired networks being more secure and less prone to outages.  Wired networks, while being more expensive, can be much faster at transferring information.

We can setup or update your network infrastructure integrating wired and wireless technologies to provide your home or business with internet connectivity.

We would be happy to talk to you about your networking needs.  Give us a call at 928-224-2977.