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How SentinelOne Works

SentinelOne is a enterprise level, next generation endpoint protection platform.   Their smallest client they will accept must purchase 2,000 endpoints at around $65 per year per workstation or $105 per year per server, AND they have to staff  and run their own security operation center (SOC).  With two full time employees in the SOC, that’s minimum of $330,000 per year. For most small and medium businesses, this expense is just too far out of reach.  Yet the cyber security threats remain, with  increasing complexity and frequency.

Agapé-IT has partnered with a SentinelOne Premier Partner to provide 24×7, US based SOC, to monitor and administrate the platform, to be able to offer it as a SaaS platform to the SMB and consumer marketplace at an affordable price point.

On your business end, the SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) agent is installed on each workstation, server, virtual machine (VM) and virtual desktop (Mac, Windows, or Linux).  It is a very lightweight agent that needs minimal interaction.

While active, the agent will protect the endpoint by preventing attacks from known threats, detecting and stopping undesired behavior during an attack, and by mitigating and remediating the endpoint after an attack has been stopped. All of this happens in just seconds.  The Security Operations Center will then generate a forensics report detailing the actions taken during the attack.



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