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Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal

** Updated 11/2014 **

So your computer is running slow and acting kind of funny.  Chances are that you have picked up some sort of virus, malware, or spyware.

So this is what I generally do when my computer starts behaving that way:

  • Open each installed browser and remove unwanted toolbars.
  • Uninstall unwanted programs, toolbars, etc…
  • Download the latest ADWCleaner, CCleaner, and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (all free programs).
  • Install all programs  Make sure to uncheck the “Optional Offers”.  Read carefully.
  • Reboot in safe mode.
  • Run ADWCleaner (requires reboot).
  • Run CCleaner – Cleaner.
  • Run CCleaner – Registry.
  • Run MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and scan the files for remnants of the bad programs.
  • Reboot the computer.

For the most part, this will get your computer back up to speed.

I highly recommend that you install the CryptoPrevent program to avoid the Cryptolocker Virus.  The download link is at the bottom of the page.

While you are fixing your computer, you might as well make sure that you have the latest Java, Adobe Flashplayer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Shockwave,  and MS updates installed.

If this doesn’t work, and you are having problems getting updates, chances are that you have had some system file corruption.  This will require more work.  It may be best if you backup your data & pictures NOW to an external storage device.  It may be cheaper & faster to reload your system from the recovery disks.

If this is over your head, or you just don’t want to do it, please give me a call at 928.224.2977 and I will be glad to help