Information Technology Security Solutions

How I chose the Name

A while back, I decided that I need to build a brand that wasn’t attached to my name.  So I needed to pick a new name.  I wanted it to start with an “A”.  It needed to be kinda catchy.

At the time I was driving a lot and listening to audio books like The Secret and other leadership audio books.  On one of my drives, I heard an introduction for Michael Bernard Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center.  The word “agape” sounded kind of cool and was associated with people who were into personal growth and spirituality.  I later looked it up on the internet, trademark database, with the Arizona Corporate Commission to see if the name was free.  I found a few computer companies using “agape” in their name and found that Agape-IT was free as a domain.  I bought it.  I liked the play on words…  love it.  IT being short for information technology.