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Just a warning: this stuff is kind of scary. What an unscrupulous hacker can do is frightening. This is what we are all up against.
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Getting Faster Internet Connections – Bonding, SharedBand, & Peplink

In today’s business world, internet connectivity has become of utmost importance. In rural communities, the choices for internet service is often limited. If you can get broadband service, it is often lower speed or capped data volume.

One way around this is a service that can bond multiple internet connections. If the internet connections are from different providers, fail-over (switching off the non-working connection) can be implemented. The best and most cost-effective solution I’ve found is currently SharedBand. It can take various internet connections (ADSL, T-1, Cellular, Fixed Wireless, Cable) and combine them into a big fat pipe. Unfortunately, because of overhead, 1Mbps+1Mbps is slightly less than 2Mbps, but it’s way faster than any provider could have done alone. Also, this only works for fixed locations.

Another solution that is more expensive, but will work for mobile locations,  provided by Peplink. They can take multiple cellular connections from various carriers and bond them together for a faster and redundant connection. If you need more security, VPN connections and military grade encryption are supported.