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    c.1600, from Gk. agapan “greet with affection, love” (used by early Christians for their “love feast” held in connection with the Lord’s Supper), from agapan “to love,” of unknown origin. In modern use, often in simpler sense of “Christian love” (1856, frequently opposed to eros as “carnal or sensual love”).


    Agapé Information Technology is a computer consulting firm, known in industry jargon as a managed service provider (MSP)   We specialize in the installation and maintenance of Windows based computers and networks.  We offer manages services and solutions such as: cloud computing, voice over internet protocol, web page design, point of sale systems, video streaming  to replace cable or satellite.  We have strong skills in business systems, automation, and development.


    The firm was originally started in 1993 as MJD Consulting in Huntington Beach, CA.  The name Agapé Information Technologies was adopted in January of 2010 after relocating to Williams, Arizona.  In 2016 the firm relocated back to California, settling in Lompoc.


    Agape Information Technology is owned and operated by Michael J. Dulay.


    We would welcome the chance to earn your business.


    Please give us a call at 805-699-6900 so we can discuss your unique situation.